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Virtual Services During Covid

Bend Anxiety Clinic is here to support you during the CDC recommended social distancing period. We want to ensure you and your family are safe during this time while still having access to needed psychotherapeutic services. Bend Anxiety Clinic is proud to continue to offer all our services virtually. These services can be offered to individuals and families that are in, or are residents of, Oregon. We will be able to offer these services without interruption.

Additional Services Offered at this Time

Coaching Services

Bend Anxiety Clinic is also offering coaching services for individuals and families. Patients often have difficulty completing therapy homework and may need a virtual coach to help complete the necessary steps taken outside the therapy process. In order for evidence-based therapy to be successful it is important to complete homework assignments. Our clinicians can help individuals virtually complete their therapy homework assignments. Please call our mainline to set up an appointment.

Health Anxiety Services

During the COVID outbreak many of us may experience an increase in anxiety focused on health and health related conditions. At Bend Anxiety Clinic we specialize in health-related fears as well as other anxiety and depressive related difficulties. We understand that this period may be hard for many of us and will likely increase our vigilance surrounding health-related concerns. The providers at Bend Anxiety Clinic will be available to provide you and your loved ones with virtual treatment to manage your health-related anxiety concerns.